Tales From The Audience

by Daniel Parrisotto


All Krantz shows are great but I came to realize that the composition of the audience pushes the limit of the music and makes a show not just great but superb. The boundaries between musicians on stage and audience are fluid; I felt like I could almost step on one of the effect pedals and become part of the band, while drummers in the audience were gesticulating whatever was played on the snare and hi-hat. The audience was great that night and the trio delivered an improvisational triumph. How to convey what this triumph was? Perhaps, you should imagine an immense piece of machinery in which all the parts are dynamically interconnected. And this piece of machinery, which might be a locomotive, has no mass. It is weightless like a neutrino. It stands and moves by virtue of pure energy. It has, too, the qualities of a living being. It has moods. It can reflect. But through all those moods and reflections it has one supreme and constant trait: it enjoys being what it is in a very specific place and moment, here and now at 55 Bar.

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