Tales From The Audience

by Daniel Parrisotto   All Krantz shows are great but I came to realize that the composition of the audience pushes the limit of the music and makes a show not just great but┬ásuperb. The boundaries between musicians on stage and audience are fluid; I felt like I could almost

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interview re/ 55 Bar

Interview Qs by Ben Jagodzinski     Q: Do you remember the first time you heard or went to 55 Bar? What were your first impressions? Who was playing? 1986 or 7. Leni and Mike Stern had come to Fat Tuesdays to hear me with Carla Bley, so I went

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Guitar mag stuff

One of the guitar mags asked me to write about what I’d been listening to lately (thanks, guitar mag). I listed some YouTube things for them which they understandably edited to smithereens. Here’s what was really said. Wouldn’t bother but it feels good to give tribute to things that matter:

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