#31 Jazz Kitchen Indianapolis

Really cool club, staff, people. They treated us SO WELL. But drastically under attended, perhaps because of Easter and one of those sporting events one hears so much about. Would like to think we would have an audience there under better circumstances…next time!

#30 Dakota Minneapolis

Almost a perfect night in all ways. Heard about the joint for years but had never been there. Minneapolis, you know? Crazy good. Nice hotel, too.

#29 City Winery Chicago

Beautiful venue, cool crowd. Really like Chicago. Struggled a bit with the subs under the stage on my side, but a good night.

#27/28 Catalina Los Angeles

Appreciative audiences here and it’s always fun to spend time in LA. Maybe we’ll find a more appropriate venue next time. Music burning though, especially 2nd night – wow.

#26 Ramona Mainstage

Really cool venue up in the mountains/desert about 1/2 hour outside San Diego. Hung out with some old friends. A good gig.

#25 Yoshi’s Oakland

Thrilled with the turnout and vibe from the audience tonight. Met a bunch of really nice people and we did our thing. Really flattered that people gave us a second chance after a bit of a fiasco club-wise last time we played SF. Thanks, Oakland!

#23/24 Jazz Alley Seattle

    Waiting for jet lag to hit, we manage 2 really fun nights here. Smooth sailing into the Warwick hotel- always liked it- and the best nights we’ve had at this club. Thanks, Seattle!

#22 Shenzhen

Last night of Asia tour, southern China, great venue designed by our friend Percy Laws. Spectacular audience. Band tired but we pulled it off. A beautiful end to the proceedings. Hang after was a blast too…

#19-21 JZ Shanghai

Fantastic run in the hippest club in Shanghai. 3 nights of potent stuff, incredible audience, great stage sound. Beautiful hotel, soulful people. Night#2 a personal high point.

#18 Hong Kong

Played a little 55-bar type joint here, a fun show, super audience. Wild town, always wanted to see it. Saw some friends, had a great time.  


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